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The project Sound Space joins up different artistic disciplines to one indispensable experiment.

The general conception establishs a dialogue among different artists and their art works. The artistic experiment is based on the idea of bringing together all kinds of artists, including the media of film.

The space in creation process figures in an exposition and its surroundings, given conditions of architecture are integrated, therefore activation underlines its functions. Focus is set on the reciprocity of actors, acoustics, performance, paintings and sound.

The interaction of music and images is already known in varities like film, dance, theatre etc.

Furthermore there are a couple of compositions which can be understood as musical interpretation of art work, and, vice versa paintings being inspired by musicians. My intention is the immediate transformation of art works and sculptures into music or music into art works.

Basic prerequisite is preparedness of musicians to absorb paintings, space, objects or movies as  free notation and to transform them according to given themes. Within such performance free spaces for improvisations occur, conventions of traditional music notations are left behind, challenges in handling sculptural sound objects are released. The musician himself becomes part of performance and dramaturgy.